About Me

Hey there, it’s me, darkbluecat! I’m a music producer, songwriter, sound designer, composer, arranger, DJ, and VJ. Originally from Chile, I now call the United States my home.

I’ve been making music since 2007, performing at fantastic events, including a live performance in Japan in 2017, sharing the stage with favorite artists like Ujico* Snails House, baker, and Stereoman.

My music explores genres like rock, jazz, R&B, EDM, hard dance, and more. Influences include Jamiroquai, Opeth, Moe Shop, and many others. I'm proud of producing the debut song for vtuber girl_dm_ and my song “Caminar” featuring Hatsune Miku, recognized by Yamaha Corporation.

My love for video games, especially rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution and osu!, inspired my music production journey. I’ve found my unique sound that resonates with gamers and non-gamers alike.