Peanuts-like art by Angela M. Chong


My name is Felipe Rojas, also known as darkbluecat. My friends also call me Goto for short.

I make music for different project such as vocal synths (i.e. Vocaloid), VTubers, Streamers and more. I also do live DJ shows around different raves, conventions and more, my mixes being specialized in Vocaloid, Anime music (anikura), J-POP, Videogame music and a lot of other internet subculture genres.

Currently on hiatus, but I also do streams as a VTuber on Twitch. You can check my channel here

I'm working in keeping this website as updated as possible, keeping the old school vibes for a modern web. There might be broken links that might get fixed soon.

Now this website is 100% powered in the Neocities space. Check my Neocities profile here :-)

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